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vacuum motors for Kenmore
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Central Vacuum Shopping.com offers a large selection of replacement Kenmore central vacuum motors for most brands. The list below allows you to shop for your replacement motor by motor number.

Central Vacuum Motors For Kenmore
Find a replacement central vacuum motor based on the motor number.

Lamb Ametek Central Vacuum Motors
Lamb Ametek Central Vacuum Motors

Central Vacuum Motor

Lamb Ametek central vacuum motors are the most popular central vacuum motor brand on the market. Lamb Ametek motors can be found in approximately 90% of all central vacuums made. Ametek is not only highly recognized here in the States, but world wide. Ametek is also the oldest central vacuum motor manufacture in the industry. Central vacuum motors are easy to change and normally only requires 15 - 20 minutes of work. Please note that these motors do NOT come with a replacement gasket, so please make sure you keep your old gasket for the new motor.

Lamb Ametek 120 Volt Motors

Lamb Ametek 240 Volt Motors

Motor # Price Order Motor # Price Order
#115330 $224.00

(replaces 115519)

#115334 $174.00

#115684 $224.00

#115923 $109.00

#115744 $149.00

#116119 $199.00

#116125-01 $149.00

#116207 $115.00

#116213 $169.00

#116311 $99.00

#116296 $134.00

#116336 $124.00

#116670 $149.00

#116471 $149.00

#117123 $149.00

#116472-00 $149.00

#117502 $249.00

#116472-13 $149.00

#117743 $249.00

#116565-00 $149.00

#116565-13 $149.00

#116669 $149.00

#116763-13 $174.00

#116764-13 $174.00

#116765-00 $124.00

#116765-13 $134.00

#116767-00 $149.00

#116767-13 $174.00

#117467-00 $224.00

#117467-13 $224.00

#117470-12 $224.00

#117478-12 $224.00

#117500-12 $199.00

#117507 $224.00

#117549-12 $199.00

#117939 $174.00

#119412-13 $119.00

#119631 $149.00

#119687 $149.00

#119708 $174.00

#119792-07 $224.00

#119914-07 $174.00


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